Privacy Policy

At Salaam Air Express, every client is a distinguished guest that we are honored to take from one destination to another. Processing and handling their information at different points calls for discretion. Salaam Air Express upholds trust between its employees and clients to ensure that our client list, itinerary and personal information never finds its way to any third party.


Operating from the country’s Capital, you can be assured that security is kept paramount. At Salaam Air, We want you to have a peace of mind that comes with knowing that our staff are professionals who take any risk on health and safety very seriously. We therefore have ensured that we monitor our management regularly by:-:

  • Applying all applicable processes there can possibly be to assess and control risks.
  • Maintaining and excellent condition of planes, equipment’s and other machinery.
  • Maintaining safe hygienic facilities within and around our area of operations.
  • Ensuring that our staff has firsthand information as well as ongoing training on safety and safety measures.

Future Prospects

With the desire to being the most sought after local airline, Salaam Air Express has put in place a strategic plan that will ensure seamless improved transition as well as continuous improvements in all sectors. This is will not only ensure up to date competitive standings in the market but will also offer new opportunities for our clients.

Customer Relations

We are Salaam Air Express because of you. Our Customer Relations team is trained to serve and interact with clients of different ethnicities, cultures and background with utmost respect and sincerity. Dedicated to giving a perfect customer experience with speed, we are always open to suggestions that can be implemented to give the best. We also interact and engage with the general public on our social media platforms to answer queries, direct them and keep them updated on our services