Our Destinations

Flights to Mogadishu

Experience the historical grandeur and vibrant culture of Mogadishu, the heart of Somalia, with Salaam Air Express. Mogadishu, a city that stands as a testament to resilience and rebirth, beckons you with its intriguing history, bustling markets, and inviting beaches.

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Flights to Juba

Experience the bustling energy and warm hospitality of Juba, the capital of South Sudan, with Salaam Air Express. Juba, one of the world's newest capitals, invites you with its rich culture, vibrant markets, and exciting potential for exploration.

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Flights to Nairobi

Experience the vibrant city life and breathtaking landscapes of Nairobi, the dynamic capital of Kenya, with Salaam Air Express. Known as the "Green City in the Sun", Nairobi is renowned for its stunning national parks, rich cultural heritage, and its status as a leading business hub in Africa.

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Local Flights in Somalia

No matter your taste, you will find your desired destination within the borders of this lovely nation.

Below are some of the destinations that we are able to reach.

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Why choose our airline?

Salaam Air Express offers the following services.

Cargo Services

We schedule passenger flights to our destinations on a daily basis at affordable rates. Book a flight with us!

Commercial Services

We schedule passenger flights to our destinations on a daily basis at affordable rates. Book a flight with us!

Evacuation and Relief

Salaam Air deals in humanitarian flight services ferrying relief supplies and personnel during/after emergencies alongside evacuating people to safety.

Private Charter

We offer convenience to our high profile clientele through chartering select Salaam Air Express aircrafts. Reserve an airplane flexible to your standard and have a memorable flight experience.

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