Our Staff


We are sufficiently equipped with trained employees who work in different capacities e.g. flight attendants, customer service executives, technicians, ground attendants and pilots to see that Salaam Air Express is well navigated in the skies and on land. A peaceful environment with happy employees coupled with unlimited learning opportunities is perfect for growth. At Salaam Air Express we believe that the joy of our employees reflects on their contentment and how they serve the customers. Therefore we build a community of happy employees by offering the most conducive environment for work alongside decent salary packages. We also employ by merit as an equal opportunity giver and nurture our staff into becoming brand ambassadors for the airline.

Conducive Environment

We offer continuous training to our employees in line with our desire to be a leading airline in Somalia through provision of exemplary levels of service that set us apart from the rest. We believe that we can fly farther together as a community of professionals united by our vision to outdo ourselves.


Salaam Air Express is headed by a Chief Executive Officer and overseen by a board comprised of two Directors. The management style is heavily based on functionality where every individual concentrates on their area of jurisdiction for best results. Team work is part of our culture therefore we work seamlessly together to provide the best there is in air services to our clients. The structure below shows the organizational structure.