Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe the society is what makes us hence we work towards being impactful to the people of Somalia by providing opportunities, participating in corporate donations, engaging in society oriented activities to give birth and redefine Somalia. We aim to continue improving the living standards of the people to realise our dream of being a source of countless inspiring stories. Salaam Air Express encourages and extends partnership to willing Financial Institutions, Faith Based Organisations, Community Based Organisations, Development Agencies, Corporates, Governmental and Non Governmental Organisations to actualise different sustainable CSR goals.

We care

With regard to the climate action and the sustainable development goals, Salaam Air Express understands the importance of protecting and taking care of our environment. This is not only because of the hazards and risks that come along with environmental pollution but also because Salaam Air Express airways is concerned with the wellbeing of our future generation. The fleet renovation is an example of some of the activities portraying Salaam Air Express’s commitment to the protecting the environment. .