Corporate Social Responsibility

Salaam Air wants to ensure that in all aspects of its operations effecting social change. It is working to ensure that it positively impacts people by providing:

  • Employee Welfare: promoting a safe and healthy workplace, providing fair compensation and benefits, and fostering employee development and advancement.
  • Community engagement: supporting local communities through charities, volunteer programs, and other initiatives.
  • Customer satisfaction: providing high-quality service, responding to customer complaints and feedback, and continuously improving the customer experience.
  • Ethical business practices: adhering to ethical standards and avoiding practices that could harm stakeholders or the environment.
  • Compliance with regulations: following all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards to ensure safety, security and fair treatment of all stakeholders.
  • Financial stability: ensuring the company's long-term financial health and stability while providing a fair return to shareholders.

We care

Salaam Air undertakes to minimize our carbon footprint through:

  • Reducing the company's carbon footprint, conserving energy and resources, and using environmentally friendly practices.
  • Follow local and international environmental laws, rules and code of practices.
  • Correctly handle waste, and where possible recycle.
  • Use our position in the society to educate the general public on the risks that come along with environmental pollution.
  • Support environmental initiatives.